Thursday, October 28, 2010


Started and finished another Shroom hat for Georgia last night, which makes it my fifth finished object for October (probably my last for the month) and my most productive month EVER!

Yarn was Plymouth Baby Alpaca Grande in purple. (It's a really nice yarn, by the way).

Here it is, unmodeled:

The model came home from school (where she apparently was very bad in church...eek!) and threw a massive temper tantrum, at which point I put her down for a nap. She pretty much never throws tantrums unless she's tired, so I figured a rest was in order.

Ooh, breaking news, Georgia woke up in a better mood and consented to model:

And here's the yarn for the Tiny Tea Leaves I'm about to cast on for:

It's Malabrigo Rios (their new superwash yarn) in Archangel.

Anyway, it's for my friend's granddaughter for Christmas. I think it'll be really cute.

That's about all. Today was an "every-word-written-is-like-a-pulled-tooth" day, but I met my goals. However, I don't have much left over for the blog.

I might need a nap too.


  1. She is so sweet your little girl, can't belive she has tantrums :-) Great shot you have there! And congrats on your fifth one!

  2. The mushroom hat is great. The model is quite a cutie. Still not quite cool enough to break out the hats here but it will be soon.

  3. it's so cute. from the looks of your FO, I am thinking maybe I am not doing the increases wrong. I thought it was supposed to flare out more, but mine looks like yours. yay!

  4. Beautiful hat and beautiful shots!

  5. Cute hat! And I love that yarn for the sweater. So pretty. =)