Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Rhinebeck, et al

I think I did mention that I was really sick. (As Bruce said last night, my illness has been well documented by now. I have been a little whiny.)

Anyway, didn't buy any yarn. I just didn't see anything that grabbed me. Also, we're on a tight budget right now due to the quitting of job/starting up a writing career thing for me.

So here are some pictures of pretty fall foliage and animals from the festival:

That's Georgia playing with the leaves. Urban Muser got a picture of my favorite red trees from the festival grounds, which you can see on her post here.

Some llamas (I think) with their long silky fur blowing poetically in the wind. They were ridiculously gorgeous (and pampered) animals. They knew it, too.

And below, some babydoll sheep. They were so stinkin cute.

In other news, Georgia got a bike from her auntie Jen this past weekend for her birthday. Georgia is THRILLED.

Finally, I have photographic evidence that the cats have been snuggling with each other. They're cute, aren't they?

Yes, Bagheera (big kitty) does pull down knitted things from the back of the couch and nest in them. She is also a yarn snob. Refuses to have anything to do with acrylic.

And yes, am still knitting. Almost done with the Dierdre, that will probably happen at some point this evening. Working on Ryan's cowl. A friend bought me some yarn at Rhinebeck (Malabrigo Rios in Archangel) to make a sweater for her granddaughter. I think I'll probably make a tea leaves cardigan for her little one out of it. (Yes, also met up with my friend Jen and Joey's parents at the festival. It was awesome. They are fabulous peoples).

I am feeling better. Fingers crossed that will continue.


  1. Love the photo of Georgia on her bike- reminds me of being a kid and riding around the neighborhood with my little girlfriends all on pink bikes. Good memories.

    So glad you're feeling better! Being sick blows.

  2. Glad you're feeling better. I am blessing the shot of celestone I got yesterday for bringing me back to life. whew....way too much to do to be sick.
    and happy you got see some fall around you. Love central park when the leaves are changing...wish I was there.
    Wisconsin's bike is fab!! Tell her I said so!!

  3. oh and V...thanky thanky for my lil s'prize! Love mr. j.miraz.......but then you would know that about me even before I told ya, huh??!!!

  4. I can't believe how you managed to visit a yarn festival, and NOT buy any fiber!!! I'm really impressed! Although I understand the budget thing, we're saving all the money we can for our upcoming trip to the States :)

    Glad to hear you're feeling better, it really sucks beeing sick (as I should know!)

    / Jenny

  5. Sweet, first bike! What a nice aunt she has!
    Breezer is a handsome cat. Wish you continuing improvement in your health! And all the best for your new chosen way regarding job/writing.

  6. glad you are feeling better. thanks for the shout out to my fall foliage photo. those babydoll sheep were sooooo stinkin' cute. they are like little bears, they are so chunky. love.

  7. I'm glad you are feeling better. Kate is right, being sick does blow. I am so envious of your going to Rhinebeck! I wanted to go and stroke yarn and admire leaves and meet people. Maybe next year....

  8. You forgot to mention the extensive lamb eating and maple sugar cotton candy munching!

  9. So glad you are feeling better. What kind of writing? I used to be a newspaper reporter, but got out before that field fizzled. I still love writing, but haven't found a new focus for it.

  10. I'm so impressed! You have will of steel! I thought I did well leaving a fiberfest with only a couple of skeins. lol

    Georgia looks thrilled! And oh my, those babydolls are freaking adorable!

  11. You are allowed to be a bit whiny when you are sick for so long :-) Glad you feel better now! Oh Rhinebeck, it must be wonderful to visit! Hmm maybe I shall start saving up some money... They say SAS and Norwegian are starting to fly directly Oslo-NYC soon, and there will be price competition. Georgia looks so happy on the bike, what a kind aunt she have.