Sunday, January 10, 2010

Professor, what's another name for pirate's treasure?

Why, I think it's BOOTY!

I won a lovely giveaway from Lyn's blog, From One Mum. And here is a shot of the entirety of my prize:

Two sets of fat quarters (quilting fabric), a bunch of really awesome random fabrics in there. A really cute rabbit fabric that I think will be more than enough to make Georgia a pair of shorts or a skirt or something for this summer. I'm so excited about this!

A shot of some of my favorite little bits, some babushka (fine, Bruce, matrioshka) fabrics. SO CUTE. I'm almost jealous of myself.

Some gorgeous yarn from Knitty Dirty Girl in a color that I absolutely adore. It is a gorgeous squooshy yarn. Can't WAIT to make something from it.

Aside from all the amazing crafting supplies she sent me, there were also these two really awesome British crafty magazines from the 70s. I've spent a good few hours going through them and kinda fantasizing about how it would have looked if the 70s had been goth.

Like what if the picture below was done in shades of black, white, gray and red?

So this photo wasn't goth at all, but it did crack me up:

And the obligatory 70s creepy doll photo:

Also, I went to the Big Apple Knitters Guild meeting on Saturday. I joined back in November, as a way to connect with other knitters. Anyway, it was their yarn auction, and I am incredibly pleased with my small haul. I got two gorgeous skeins of koigu, what amounted to 2.5 skeins of Morehouse Farm lace weight (black and white yarn on the right).

Also, 2.5 skeins of a really lovely mystery black sock yarn and two smaller balls of the same mystery sock yarn in white. No idea what the yarn actually is. They were in with the morehouse, but morehouse doesn't have a sock yarn, and this is definitely sock. It's almost identical to the koigu in twist and feel, but no clue what it might be.

Here's the Koigu. So pretty.

Awesome, right? I'm so pleased with my haul.


  1. Wow you are a really lucky girl!
    As for the Wollmeise yarn you asked about - I will not buy more of it... Lovely colors, but I don't like the way it split when I knit. I have heard other have same experience, others have not...

  2. Awesome loot you've got there! What are your plans for the Koigu?

  3. Wow- gorgeous fabrics! And great yarn haul! I love Koigu, have some in my stash. I think I'm hoarding it. I hope I'll knit with it before I .... O.K. never mind. I will knit with it. :o)
    Have fun with all your new stuff. I think it's sometimes hilarious to look through older magazines.

  4. You know, it's been years since I last saw someone get that excited about a fat (phat?) quarter.