Friday, January 22, 2010

Note to Self

When knitting a pattern for the third time, say, the Liesl, and admiring how quickly it goes, and getting down to the bottom of the yoke, and putting the armholes on waste yarn, it helps if you actually re-read the instructions for said pattern and actually do it correctly. So that you don't, oh, I dunno, realize that you completely missed about three lines of instructions after you've bypassed it by about 20 rows, and then have to rip out quite a bit of work, and spend an entire 45 minute subway ride attempting to get the stitches back on the needles and swearing softly at your knitting under your breath.

Also, patterns that knit up quickly, go much faster when you don't massively screw up.

What's that? There's a set up row for the arm holes? Oh, AND you're supposed to cast on 12 stitches after you put the armholes on waste yarn? PSHAW.

(Hobbygasa, I'm knitting this for the third time because the first one didn't fit and the second one was a total disaster. And I want this damned sweater. The first one didn't fit because I made it out of malabrigo. I'd previously made a sweater out of malabrigo that fit perfectly when I was done knitting it, but when I blocked it, it grew three inches in all directions. So I decided to make the Liesl out of malabrigo, and because the first sweater I knit with malabrigo grew so much, I decided to knit the Liesl two sizes too small. When I finished it, washed it and blocked it... it was still two sizes to small. Goddamnit.

The second Liesl I knit, I had put the armholes on stitch holders which tragically popped open in transit one day and all the stitches came off them and unraveled up to the neckline, rendering it impossible to ladder the stitches back to where I could make the sleeves. So I had to rip out the entire damn sweater and start over (I'd finished the body of the sweater at this point) and by that time I was so depressed about the Liesl I couldn't even fathom doing it again. So now, four months later, I am working on the Liesl again.)

Wow. That was a really long parenthetical aside.

Anyway, despite minor setbacks, the Liesl is again going very well. I'm about four inches below the armpits on the body of the sweater, and should complete this section very soon.

I'll start on the sleeves this weekend.

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  1. Oh, dear - I hope the third time's the charm with your Liesl! Malabrigo is funny - it's my most favorite yarn, but I have to confine it to baby clothes & accessories (hats, shawls) because of it's odd blocking tendencies.