Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Designing Process Part II

Right. So on design iteration no. 2 I knitted up about 16 inches and it pulled really diagonally. That's because I had a lot of k2tog, yo in there. Every other row, to be exact.

On my last few rows of iteration no. 2, I switched it up to ssk, yo to see what it would do, and it seemed to pull a little less.

Design iteration no. 3, I started alternating rows of k2tog, yo and ssk, yo so that maybe the pulling didn't happen. And here is my result:

Why yes, it is still pulling RATHER badly.

Back to ze drawing board. (literally)


  1. But lovely yarn in great colors! Can't wait to see more of your design!

  2. For my last shawl (not yet shown on my blog) I found a stitch pattern in B.Walker's stitch pattern books, which sounds similar to your # 3. It was a 4 row pattern, with first row k2og, Yo, and the third row was yo, ssk, with purl rows on the wrong sides in between. It did not pull in any direction because of that.