Friday, January 8, 2010

No pix for you!

Sorry. Still working on the sweater of doom, and on the Citron. They both look very similar to the last couple of posts, but bigger.

The sweater not too much bigger. The Citron about three inches.

I'm also reading like mad (which is good), fiction, knitting design, other such fun stuff. Lots of blogs to catch up with and twitter feeds to read. And honestly, Kevin Smith's twitter feed is making the entire twitter thing worth any effort it takes to keep up with the damn thing:

Caution: only if you like Kevin Smith, or have a REALLY crude sense of humor. (We're talking lots of dick and fart jokes.)

I did get to the cabled part of Bruce's sweater (that would be the sweater of doom) so it has gotten a little bit more interesting (for a whopping 40 stitches per row).

And apparently I'm going to parenthesize everything in my post today (just to make a point. Or something).

So that's all. Should get a fair bit of knitting done this weekend. Am going to the knitting guild meeting tomorrow. Alexander Hamilton's birthday celebration on Sunday. And I will get started on my sweater pattern this weekend. Really.

Life is good.


  1. Happy knitting - enjoy your weekend!

  2. Ok, with a name like "sweater of doom" I really want to see it! :) Thanks for the comment on my blog... the Simple Things shawl is SO pretty! I'm anxious to get to work! I think I got my Damson worked out last night so, hopefully it will be smooth from here on out. I ripped it back from row 84 to 78 due to stitch count issues and thank goodness I did! She feels so much better now :)

  3. whoops! didnt realize i was on another acct for my comment!