Tuesday, January 5, 2010


As promised, the beginnings of the Citron. This is a really fun subway project, not the least of which is because of people getting fascinated with the color changes in the yarn.

And the book I bought myself to help kickstart the entire designing thing. So far it seems pretty awesome. I question some of her design choices, but overall, it seems pretty solid on the basics of designing a sweater.

It's Custom Knits by Wendy Barnard. Her blog is here.


  1. That purple is gonna be awesome!!

    And you are too much, girlfriend...I LOVE MY SCARF!! IT IS PERFECT FOR OUR WEATHER AND IT'S JUST PLAIN GORGEOUS!! and the stripper glasses?? hahahahahah....well, check out my blob!!
    Thanky ma'am......you are da bomb!!!

  2. Your Citron is awesome! Love the colors in the yarn, and the purple - wow! Thank you for picks :-)

  3. I'm loving the purple and yellow together. I can't wait to see how this turns out!

  4. Funny, Citron stood out to me too. I'll knit it one day, eventually! Wendy has a book out? I used to read her blog.

  5. Fabulous-- with all my constant creativity I cannot knit-- I learnt as a kid and cannot remember what you do, but I think I'll have to rectify that this year!

    I love those colours too! :)

    Thanks for your comments on my blog! So nice to know someone out there is reading!

  6. Yay! What a fab yarn to do Citron with! Very punchy and fun! Cant wait to see more!