Thursday, January 14, 2010

Oops, forgot one!

I forgot that I'm also contracted to knit the Phyllotaxis Scarf (rav link) by Norah Gaughan for a friend of mine.

The entertaining thing is that the featured photo for the project page is my friend OfTroy's project, which is pretty cool.

Anyway, I cast on for this scarf today, and all but cast off for the Citron yesterday. Almost there.

I need a little bit of quiet time to myself at home to figure out what I did to Bruce's Sweater, if anything.

So. Post Phyllotaxis, I'll be working on a scarf design for myself and one for Bruce (we both need new scarves. It's outright embarrassing that I don't have anything I've knitted for myself to wear most days) and a sweater design for me.

And that's all folks. Don't have much else to say (unusual, right?) at the moment.


  1. Usually my hats, scarves, mittens i.e. ends up everywhere else than in my house :-) But I am so happy with my knitted jackets, they fit only me so I get to keep them :-)

  2. Read my notes on the scarf pattern

    copy LINE 1

    and mark it up.
    every other row is the same (think of the alphabet)
    but there are 5 starting places.
    (think about starting the alphabet with M (n, o, p ....J, K, L (end)

    this changes a complex 20 row chart into a single row.. (its still a bit difficult.. but MUCH easier!

    (and use a scrap of yarn (woven in to the knitting (Yarn Harlot just gave a good tutorial on this recently) so if you do make a mistake (i made a few learning the alphabet!) you can frog and find BOR!)

  3. V!!! I've found another project for you!!! (like you really need one!!) Just go look at these precious hats!!!

  4. Don't distract her, Janie! Daddy needs some scarves and a sweater!!!