Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Been kinda Meh.

Well, I've been working on more of Ella's flowers, and on the interminable stockinette of the Idlewood sweater and waiting for the appropriate yarn for Bruce's sweater to finally show up from Webs (it did). I don't really have any good pictures of the Idlewood, as it basically looks like a giant lump of knitted fabric, and Ella's flowers all look pretty much the same, although they will be coming in different colors soon as I just got all of the Aloft yarn from KnitPicks. We got eight of the available 15 colors. It doesn't feel as nice as the Lion Brand Silk Mohair yarn, but we'll see how it feels when it knits up.

And I've been feeling pretty meh. I think it is the end of winter blues. I just haven't been that interested or excited about much of anything. I have been meditating, and that's been pretty good. I just got a book called Real Happiness: The Power of Meditation by Sharon Salzberg, which should prove to be interesting. I was reading the first few chapters of it in the post office while listening to people argue with postal employees. Seemed appropriate, somehow.

However, there is one thing I am very very excited about. I finally purchased Barton Hollow from Amazon's MP3 store, as it is on special for a whopping $5 this month (the linky above takes you to the $5 awesomeness).

Barton Hollow

The album sounds like bluegrass re-imagined by somebody who had spent an awful lot of time listening to moody jazz in Paris in the rain. It. Is. AWESOME.


  1. I find myself forced to agree (a rare occurrence when it comes to you and me and music). But it is, in fact, totally awesome.

  2. A big cyberhug from me to you - spring is almost there and everything will be better! Well, there, not here, we still have loads of snow and will have to wait another month or more :-)

  3. Hope you are happy with the flowers once they are knit up. I just placed another order with Knit Picks this morning but it was for books. Should have them by next Thursday, can't wait!