Saturday, February 26, 2011

We Have Been Blinded By Science

Today's knitting has been pushed to the side in the name of science. A kindergarten science project for the school science fair.

We were required to come up with a hypothesis. Georgia can't even SAY hypothesis, much less spell it. Or write it.

Our project was "Why Do Things Float or Sink?"

We took pretty pictures of stuff:

We dumped stuff into the water:

We observed whether the stuff floated or sank:

We put together a gigantic (and supersecret) science project display.

We tried to teach the kids to present what they did.

We have a headache.

We want to go hide in a dark and silent room and curl up in the fetal position.

We want to know if people are available for hire to help out with kid's science projects.

We want beer.


  1. Lol sounds like you have had an interesting day :-) But I bet you enjoyed it too, you just don't want to admit - splashing with water under the cover of science :-) If I lived in your neighbourhood I would most certainly help out, serve you some beer, and make sure your evening would be quiet. Since I don't, I drink the beer myself and make sure at least I get a quiet evening :-) Hugs :-)

  2. Oh, funny retelling! Thanks for the laugh, and I hope you found a quiet room & some beer :)

  3. I guess you probably couldn't do beer science in a grade school science fair. Pity!

  4. heheh classic :-) Fortunately for me, even my youngest is now old enough to do his own science projects *whew*

  5. hah! you made me laugh. you are a good mom!!