Friday, February 25, 2011

Little Things Adding Up to Great Big Things

I will not be making my sister-in-law's wedding dress after all. Which, I have to tell you, is a great big relief. Part of this is due to the fact that she wasn't sure when, and/or, if she was going to be able to get married until early January of this year. She set a date for June 18th. I looked at the dress pattern and laughed, she went off and purchased one.

However, I will be making flowers for pins, corsages, her bouquet and anything else we can come up with to stick knitted flowers on. The pattern that Ella fell in love with is the Flower Pin (my rav link) from Brave New Knits (amazon link). I made the first one last night:

Looks great on my charcoal gray sweater today!

Honestly, I figure I can churn one of these out per day. It is slightly larger than the palm of my hand and it took somewhere between 15 minutes and an hour to make (I was pretty distracted), plus a little bit of time for blocking and seaming. So, as Knitpicks just released their new mohair yarn, Aloft, I'll be ordering some of that and knitting away. I'm shooting for somewhere between 60 and 90 of these suckers. Anyone wanna help?


  1. So beautiful! Please let us know how that knit picks yarn is - I was drooling over it yesterday!

  2. This is incredibly generous of you!

  3. What a beautiful flower Virginia, but ahm I am not sure you will think so after 60 to 90 of them :-) Lol you must be a bit different than me, I hate making two of the same :-)A bit sad that you not will make the wedding dress, I was looking forward to see your work. Bet it would have been awesome.

  4. That is the most delicate lil fleur!! I love should SO do those and sell 'em. And for her wedding? Perfecto!! Will be such a personal touch for the occasion. Neat.

  5. Soooo lovely! Your sister-in-law is a fortunate lady. :) Thanks for the pattern tip.
    Help/workload idea? If you have local friends who knit, you could invite them over for a couple of Help Me Knit Nights - serve 'em a nice dinner (or weekend lunch) and provide the yarn, then sip beverages of choice and spend a couple hours working on flowers. Kind of like Help Paint Our Walls pizza parties, ne?

  6. I really LOVE this pin! What makes it perfect is the button you used. So pretty!