Friday, February 18, 2011

Cute, cute, cute

So there's this awesome thing called Groupon, which recently had a deal for half off an Amazon gift card. Which is like butter to my bread. Of course I got knitting books.

The first is Colorwork Creations: 30+ Patterns to Knit Gorgeous Hats, Mittens and Gloves, by Susan Anderson-Freed. It is chock full of cute (and I do mean CUTE CUTE CUTE!) patterns for hats and mittens, most of which are interchangable.

I am currently obsessed with these:

Chickadee Hat

Nuthatch Mittens

Reindeer Hat

Plus, as I haven't done any colorwork yet, other than stripes, they should be an interesting and fun challenge.

Personal knitting is coming along, but as it is acres of stockinette, is rather boring.

Still haven't gotten my package from Webs. As soon as I do, there will be yarn porn. Oh yes, there will.


  1. I love the chickadee hat! Colorwork isn't hard- I think you'll love it! You keep saying to yourself "Just one more round!" Watching the pattern emerge is so fun!

  2. I love color work--and think the hat and nuthatch mittens lovely.

    Alice Strathmore's book on Fair Isle is back in print--and i recommend it. I've been doing color work knitting for almost 50 years, and learned things from this book--but it has pattern easy enough for a rank beginner.

    just remember, color work doesn't look its best till its been blocked. so don't judge your work (on needles) to harshly--it will be so much better after a blocking!

  3. I love these too - especially the chickadee ones.

    I started doing colorwork last year, and I really enjoy it! I hope you will too!

  4. Adorable! I haven't done colorwork either. I keep saying that I'm going to... some day... Maybe you'll inspire me to become inspired?

  5. nope, i haven't done any colorwork either. good luck, those patterns are cute, cute, cute!

  6. So cute
    I have been inspired and gone and ordered the colourwork book

    can't wait to see your webs order

  7. I love doing colour work. Have fun with your new book!

  8. Oh, those gloves - I love them!! I am going to try learning colorwork this year, though nothing as complicated as these projects. Eek! The detail is lovely but intimidating.

    I hope your order comes in soon - that's a long wait, ne?

  9. I too am into Groupon - why didn't I think of that? - and I just love those hats. Its still cold enough here for hats and seems at present like it always will be ...

  10. You know, someone should write a book called "Patterned Knits to Torture Your Grandchildren." They could fill it with semaphor sweaters, scarves with turtles, hats with reindeer...

  11. Oh the first hat is awesome! That is so my kind of pattern, I need that hat!!Have to check out that book :-)

  12. Shoot! Wish I'd known you'd get a credit if I used your code. I signed up but your link to Groupon is just to the main website, not your code where you'll get credit. =( Thanks for the tip though! I just got the deal for CafePress today. They have some cute knitterly t's, magnets, bags, etc.

  13. It is your fault Virginia! Totaly and only yours! That the book now is on it's way to me, beause I totally NEED the Chickadee hat. But I will also say thank you for the inspiration :-)))) Have a nice weekend!