Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Well, I finished up Meredith's hat, which is from the Propello pattern. It needs to be blocked, but here it is in its unblocked state:

Me, wearing it unblocked. It fits, but it doesn't have the drape that I'd like it to have. (the first photo, miraculously, shows the color fairly well)

I also finished up Ella's September Circle last night. Here it is in all of its unblocked glory:

A quick break from the yarniness to show you all a photo of Georgia's wildest outfit from this weekend. Yes, she put that outfit together herself. Yes, she does have quite the interesting sense of fasion. And yes, somehow she makes it all work.

Also, in my total laxitude, I forgot to post pictures of the lovely giveaway that I won from Caffeine Girl. 

A fair bit of the giveaway was edible and it got, well, devoured. Georgia helped me open the box and as she was pulling out chocolate after chocolate she turns to me and says "I'll share this with you. You can have the yarn." Thanks, kid. Anyway, we ate all of the chocolate. It was AMAZING. Georgia was totally entertained by the Cow Pie chocolate.

The things that we didn't eat were yarn and some really lovely earrings. The yarn is from Four Crows farm in Wisconsin, and it is truly lovely stuff. It's got a really springy, lofty texture to it, and it feels wonderful on my hands. It's not soft, but then again, I'm a HUGE fan of non-soft wools. (Ok, if we're being honest, I could just say I'm a huge fan of wools, period.) I can definitely wear it against my neck (she writes as she has the yarn tucked between neck and chin) and the skein has generous yardage (230) at a slightly heavy worsted weight. YUM. The colors are also really pretty.

I also got this lovely card, which I suspect is hand made:

The box that the earrings came in. It cracked (quacked?) me up:

And the earrings themselves. They're so cute! I love the little scarves. Very knitterly. :)

Thank you, Caffeine Girl! It is an awesome package, and pretty darned thrilling to get in the mail.


  1. I like Georgia's outfit! Those boots must be a few numbers too big? :o)

  2. I'm so glad you liked your package. It was a lot of fun to put together.

    I adore Georgia's style! I wish I had her nerve and verve!

  3. Both hat and cowl are wonderful! And I like that little box you got! I am a big fan of boxes, and collect them in any size, shape and color :-) Well. little Georgia sure has her own taste in dressing, and may I say so, I think she do really well. Obviosly she loves colors, and that is a good thing :-) Colors make you happy :-)

  4. I love Georgia's outfit! I love seeing children who dress themselves. She really does make it work.

  5. Georgia: equal parts catwalk and Star Wars Sandperson.