Sunday, January 30, 2011

Psychic Messages from the Ether

I'm somehow getting a message from somewhere about... men's sweaters.

I've had a difficult time finding men's sweater patterns that I like, as I feel that most of them are deadly dull. However, I do have a few men's sweaters in my queue. Here's a selection (kinda per Kate's request)

Jared Flood

It's from Son of Stitch and Bitch. Tragically, I don't have this book. Then again, I think Smokin' is one of the few patterns I actually liked from the book.

Kate Gilbert

This is an asymmetrical cardigan pattern from Twist Collective. Love the inventive construction and stitch patterning.

Todd Gocken

I like the asymmetry. I also like the fact that this pattern is seamless, as really, seaming a man's sweater after spending approximately 15,000 years knitting it is just... insulting.

Classic Oak Cardigan
Alexandra Charlotte Dafoe

Love the classic look of this pattern, even if it is seamed. I'd probably rewrite the pattern to be in the round. Or at least do afterthought sleeves with short rows or something. I'm not sure how that would work over cables though.

Saturday Morning Hoodie
Lion Brand Yarn

Nothing particularly spectacular about the sweater, but it looks so... cozy. The kind of sweater that Bruce (or anyone) would be pulling out of their closet with pleasure on weekends for years.

Shredder Pullover
Jennifer Hagan

I LOVE the cables going up the raglan sleeve line and down the side of the sweater. This has been on my queue since I originally saw it. Love it!


  1. Awesome choices! I especially like the Brigade and the Shredder -- although I think the neck should be higher. Wow, you've had these in your queue for HOW long?

  2. Try Durrow, too, it's fantastic.

  3. I really like the Brigade sweater. I did a lot of men's knitting this Christmas (sweaters for both my husband and brother) and I'd really like to do something more interesting next time. My husband's sweater especially made me want to burn it or at least turn it into a dog bed. Grrr.

  4. I like the Classic Oak sweater, but Mister has other things in mind. Thanks so much for sharing! Men's sweater are boring, but I think that that has to do with most men wearing boring clothes.

    The Shredder Pullover looks like a lot of fun to knit. Hmmmm... too many choices!

  5. I would definitivly go for the Classic Oak Cardigan! I can see that Bruce say othervise, but don't mind him :-) He will be thrilled when the Oak is finished :-)

  6. Oooh, I really like that Hoodie pattern, will have to add it to my queu. Thanks! :)

    Two of the men's sweaters I am/will be working on this year are:
    Leo by Kristi Porter
    Joukahainen by Kristel Nyberg

  7. I really like them all, especially Brigade. I always have trouble finding good men's patterns, too--but it's kind of a moot point because my husband doesn't wear sweaters anyway. You're lucky to have a guy who will!

    PS I got the comment thing figured out. :)

  8. The snow trunks everywhere where I live Virginia :-) It doesn't ned much wind to look like this. Sometimes it feels like in the summer, on the beach, when you have sand everywhere, even in your ears :-) I will show you more trunk soon I belive :-) Today I have a special just for you, an option to Thor :-)

  9. That is such a pretty colour – beautiful!