Thursday, January 20, 2011

Spoiled by Shrooms

I'm working on the Propello hat for Meredith, with is a really nice knit and all, but five hours into the project and I'm all "THIS IS TAKING FOREVER" because I'm so used to finishing up hats in five hours or less due to the huge number (ok, fine, three) of Shrooms I've knitted. Yeah. I need to reset my time expectations for hats.

We actually had a moment of sunlight this morning, so I managed to sneak in a couple of photos. (Pshaw, buy a light? That would be... easier.)

The Propello:

September Circle the Third:

And I am jonseing (that means wanting really really badly, for those who aren't up on American drug vernacular) to start a HUGE project. Which means a sweater. Which likely means starting a sweater for Bruce. Maybe one for me. I just need to get through the remainder of the projects for Meredith before I move on to something bigger. Must finish the hat and some gloves/mittens for her. Then all will be clear.


  1. Oooohhh! Sweater knitting! It's been so long, that kind of sounds exciting to me. Only I'm afraid of commitment... With knitting.

  2. The Propello is becomming beautiful! Lol yes knitting on smaller needle taker longer time :-) Sweater seems like a great project, bet Bruce agrees to that. You can knit one for him and one for you in same pattern but different colors :-) And one for Georgia too. I think that is kind of cute, but you maybe don't :-)
    God helg!

  3. Hmm. Anything I can do to help encourage this jonesing?

  4. Perhaps it is good that you are feeling the "WHY IS THIS TAKING FOREVER" feeling. Maybe it will help you to resonate with the rest of us mere mortals that spend 19 hours on a hat. A baby's hat.

  5. Yeah, I hear you about the sweater thing! I just finished my Paper Dolls sweater, and I just couldn't wait to cast on for the next one!

    Oh, and on a completely different note: Tomorrow we're finally getting our plane tickets for our upcoming trip to the States! We'll be in NY from the 13th til the 18th of March; I think (I'll have to double-check the dates though, I don't have my calendar on me riht now). Can't wait til I get to meet you in person!

    Hugs / Jenny

  6. hmmmmmm....and here I thought you have been stopping on the side of the roads jonesing because of the shrooms!!....hey bruce, be careful. she might kick us out of the club!!