Friday, January 14, 2011

Eternity in Progress

Meredith's Eternity Scarf (rav link) is going beautifully. This is out of the Rowan Lima, and lemme tell you, this is one sexy yarn. It feels amazing on the hands. It produces a lofty yet thick fabric. It has great stitch definition. It's got a little bit of a halo, but not too much. Oh YEAH, baby. It may be my new favorite yarn.

Here's a progress shot:

Yes. I will start a pair of socks. Soon. First, I'm going to get through Meredith's set. After the scarf, it shall be a hat and some sort of hand covering.

But I am actually somewhat motivated to knit socks now. Took me long enough. :)


  1. I'm in LOVE! Thank you Virginia. See what happens when I leave it to the expert? Beauty. That's what happens! -meredith

  2. do you realize how much you've changed..(as in Wicked....for the better!) since you started knitting and blobbing? I'm almost tempted to print out some of your earlier posting from the old days for you to see what a beautiful person you've become!! makes my heart warm!!

  3. just hate that I can't be my nasty, bitchy self on a blog tho....cuz you know I'm all socially acceptable and all.........hahahahahahahaha! Your knittin' buddies would be aghast!!!

  4. Janie:

    No way! You haven't heard her swearing at yarn!

    There's always room for some evil!