Friday, January 28, 2011

Tragically, I am not on fire.

Which yes, is an odd statement to make. But I'm not. I'm knitting along on Ella's second September Circle, and while I think there is definite value to knitting a pattern twice, the third time around in the same damn wool is... irritating.

That's the only thing I have on my needles at the moment. I want to be knittng something else, but haven't really had the wherewithal to do so. Been a little tired, run down, etc.

Additionally, I have two finished objects that I think I'm going to frog and use the yarn to knit something else. Problem is, I wear one of said FOs (alpaca scarf) on a daily basis and it is doing an admirable job of keeping me warm. It's just ugly.

The other is my Francis Revisted sweater. I ripped out the cowl to make it cowlier, however I'm just not very happy with the sweater itself. It doesn't fit quite right, I really don't enjoy pullovers (sorry Bruce, but it is true) and I don't really feel like the yarn (cascade eco) does it justice. Plus, I don't like the white, and I'll be dyeing the yarn using some technique or another. I recently wrote a few articles on dyeing yarn and I'm dying (ha!) to try out some of the techniques. Maybe koolaid.

I also need to block Meredith's hat and work on the mittens, but I haven't figured out how I'm going to block the hat yet. The mittens should take no time. Flip top. Should be fun, once I cast on. And after that I'm free to knit whatever I want (socks).


  1. Frog Virginia! If you are not happy with it, you will never really use it. Better to make something else from the yarn. And then you have no ufo's left :-)
    Hope your weekend will be filled with sunshine and fun stuff :-)
    I picked up a new lense for my camera today, so all I hope for is sun and warm weather!

  2. I understand your non-fire pain; sometimes I get completely disgruntled and uninspired with it. It's not that I don't want to knit, nor that I don't love knitting as much as ever. I think sometimes I just get fed up with everything I'm knitting; one's gotta be frogged repeatedly because I have no pattern, I forgot to change the color in the right place on another, and yet other one is so bad I was apparently looking at a different project when I checked my gauge. The dilemma: do I keep clacking away at it in disgust till it's done or do I start something entirely different? (To be honest I do either one about half the time.) Anyway, I'm sure you'll be back on 'fire' soon :-)

  3. Here's something to get excited about: men's sweaters. Meeeennnnnnnnsssss Sweaterrrrrrssss. Think about it....

  4. So after I laughed out loud (literally) at Bruce's comment, I had to explain what I was laughing at to my hubby, who (naturally) agreed with Bruce. It's a conspiracy ;-)

  5. Bruce is wanting a sweater? Mister has been after me since we got married to knit him a sweater, but he wont commit to a pattern. Hmmmm.... Are there plans for a sweater? I'd love to know your favorite men's sweater patterns!

    Hope you get more energy soon! Lots of sleep for you!

  6. I agree with you on lots of counts here--frog if it's not working for you, pullovers are over-rated, and knitting something for the third time is irritating. I did three Creature Comforts Cardis, and the third one took foreeeeeeever because I was just over it.