Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Resolutions, Knitting and Otherwise

  1. Knit a few charity items this year. Helmet liners, chemo caps, etc. It's pretty amazing to me that I can do something I really love doing, and make somebody else's life better while doing it. Rock on.
  2. Knit a pair of $%#*! socks. 
  3. Forget about learning to knit Continentally for now. It's not going to happen any time soon. I simply don't want to change how I knit at this point in time. I like my current technique, I am quite fast, and it makes me happy. I am not counting it out for the future.
  4. Query knitting magazines about article possibilities.I'm on the path. I have written quite a few knitting articles for eHow and I really love doing that. So going more indepth than I can in a 500 word piece looks REALLY appealing to me.
  5. Design, design, design. I'm ready. Willing. Gonna do it. I swear. I've designed some stuff on the fly for eHow articles. Why can't I do it for myself? I know DAMN WELL how sweaters go together now, and yeah. I can do it. I can do it...
  6. Design and knit Bruce a sweater. He needs another one. I think I've got his neck covered for a while. (four scarves)
  7. Meditate. I'd like to do this daily, for at least 15 minutes. I'm not sure if this is an attainable goal. I did yesterday. I'm going to try today. My friend (and knitting protege) K over at AnnieMall is also trying to make some changes in her life. I'm checking in for the meditation stuff in her comments.
  8. Try to do yoga twice a week. I can do twice a week. This is attainable. Plus, I enjoy it. Why don't I do something that I enjoy? Why, that, my dear friends, is the question of 2011.
How'd I do on last year's resolutions?
  1. Acquire an SLR. Yup. My mom sent me one of my father's old ones. I got some good photos out of it before the batteries died. I'll need to get new juice, and then that sucker will be up and running again. Apparently I have a touch more photography knowledge than I thought, but I still need to learn more.
  2. Complete six designs and have them test knitted. Nopety nopety no. There's always this year.
  3. Selling designs? nope.
  4. Eating more healthfully? Oh yeah. My stomach issues definitely saw to that. I ate better, had very few (less than 15) alcoholic drinks last year, lost some weight. Tummy issues have started up again, but I'm trying to deal with them more aggressively this time around, taking supplements, eating things that make me feel better, etc.
  5. Improve employment situation. Definitely took care of this one. And I'm moving quickly towards DOING EXACTLY WHAT I want to be doing. Which is incredibly exciting to me. Bruce, too. And dealing with the employment sitch has made me a much happier Virginia. Though I still find I'm holding on to some resentment regarding my last position. I think I've forgiven all, and then I have a memory or a flashback and go back to steaming rage. Ah well. I'll let go of that when I'm good and ready to.
  6. Knit socks. Heh. Obviously didn't happen. I think I said exactly the same thing last year regarding socks as I did above. 
  7. Finish Bruce's sweater. Yep, even if it was a fair to middlin failure.
  8. Finish Ella's sweater. Yes. Wasn't a failure. But I did forget to get photos of it.
  9. Make a nupp. Nope, no nupps. I have plans. Bruce got me the book Knitted Lace of Estonia and it is chock full of nupps. And pretty pretty lace. That I will probably never wear, but will have a blast and a half knitting.
  10. Learn to knit continentally. Nope. Not ready.
So, I got 50% of my resolutions last year.

Not too bad, all things considered.

I definitely hit the ones that I needed to keep me from going insane. Such as food and job.

Anybody else have resolutions going? I know Karen had some great ones...


    1. I am impressed. First that you make resolutions and second that you follow through with that many of them. Can't wait to see what 2011 brings.

    2. Great lists! I totally agree with your #7 and #8 for 2011. It was sadly easy to lose those very-good life habits. Let's cheer each other on, eh?

    3. These are all good resolutions. Mine are to learn toe up socks and short row heels. I'm all about keeping it simple.

    4. I'm impressed too! I used to make lists, only planning lists, making summarylist would have been too depressive :-)
      And I can say Virginia - just start on knitting the socks - it is way more fun and quick than you ever can imagine!
      I have alrady finished my charityknitting for 2011. Well, I started in December, but it will not be given away until March this year so I consider it this years knit :-) You can see it all in Ravelry if you want.
      I don't understand nupp - can you explain for a poor Norwegian? :-)

    5. I'm a leetle bit concerned about the no drinking one.....what if I come up there????
      note to self: bring v lots of pepto and zantac!!
      Ok. Took care of that resolution for ya....don't kno nothin' bout no knittin'......!!

    6. I wouldn't describe the Bruce sweater as a failure -- not even a fair to middling one. It's warm and soft and I love to wear it!

    7. Ooh, I didn't put learn to knit continental on mine. That's something I'd love to do. I think it would considerably speed up my knitting (I'm not very fast). I even have a book on it that I picked up at our library's book sale. Hmm, maybe I should add that...

      Great goals!

    8. we have a few things in common-- i have never knit socks but i sure do talk about it a lot. and, continental? yeah i gave up on learning that a while back. i say stay english style...throw baby, throw :)

    9. They seem like great resolutions.

      Socks? I love knitting them. If you give up, we could always arrange a knitting swap of some type. Or I'd knit for gorgeous yarn!!

      re the continental knitting - I *can* knit continental but choose not to - I have to look, which means I can't do anything else! I far prefer my English style knitting which allows me to do something else as I go. So I'm another one who has tried and abandoned this method :)

    10. Socks really aren't that hard, you just have to dive in and go step by step. Try a pattern for worsted weight yarn so the first time isn't so tedious- maybe even make so ankle socks so you can get right to the point of the heel. I promise, it's not that bad. :)