Sunday, March 27, 2011

Dyed Vine Loop and the Madeline Shawl

As I mentioned yesterday I dyed my vine loop. Unfortunately my camera seems incapable of conveying the depth of the dye. It's  a nice color, just not me. At all. In any way. Well, as someone pointed out, it'll be a nice gift:

I also cast on for a Madeline Shawl yesterday, and will probably finish it up today or tomorrow (it is a ridiculously quick easy knit). It is from the book Vintage Modern Knits: Contemporary Designs Using Classic Techniques from the ladies at Kelbourne Woolens in Philadelphia. I'm using their yarn, Fibre Company Organik in the Atoll colorway, and it is gorgeous; soft, squishy and yet feels silkier than malabrigo. Somehow my camera actually managed to pick up both the color and the glowy properties of the wool. And it really does seem to glow when you look at it:

I love the picot edging. It's really really pretty and feminine without being over-the-top girly.Yes, I will wear this color. I'm VERY excited about finishing up this shawl(ette).


  1. Lovely colors on both, I would say. And I too love picot edging. I seldom do it, but it is sooo nice and makes a shawl just perfect.
    Nice and sparkly background in your blog today - yay spring!

  2. Lol Virginia cool story :-) It never stops to amaze me what people are able to do :-)

  3. Your DVL turned out beautifully and will make a gorgeous gift!

    Love the yarn you're using for the MS...I love picot edgings too :)

  4. I lovely!!
    Very beautiful!