Saturday, March 19, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy

Well. It's been a busy two weeks, with lots of ups and downs, and very little knitting.

In order:

  1. Major work drama for me (which seems to have died a quiet death, thankfully)
  2. Major workplace drama for my husband (it seems to have all turned out all right in the end).
  3. Earthquake/tsunami in Japan, making me worried about my mom on the Oregon Coast (she was fine) and bringing to the forefront of my mind some major personal nightmares stemming from when I survived a fairly major natural disaster with my folks. (one that nobody knows about because it happened in an area with less than 1,000 people, and nobody died. Thankfully).
  4. Stomach virus or something. Not fun. Couldn't even knit. Feh. What use is an illness like that?
  5. House guests last weekend. That was fun.
  6. Jenny and her husband visited NYC from Sweden on their way to Virginia (the state) to meet up with another knitting blogger (Sarah, The Student Knitter). I took Jenny on a mini yarn crawl through NYC (we went to Knitty City, Annie & Co and School Products) and we had a blast. And completely forgot to take any pictures
  7. I've discovered another small medically-related problem which I won't have any conclusive answers on until Tuesday morning of next week.
  8. Bruce and I actually got to have a date night last night, and we went to see The Fantastiks, which was a really really really good time. Plus, awesome to have a date night.
Alls I wanna do right now is knit.


  1. Jenny, by the way, is SUPER AWESOME in case anybody was wondering. She's a really lovely person.

  2. That yarn crawl sounds like fun - did you get any yarn?

    hope your tummy is feeling better and that you can knit now

  3. Eeesh, sounds like quite a clutch of troubles over the past fortnight. Flashbacks to old life traumas are difficult, hope you've got friends and family who can talk through that with you when you need it :)
    And then date night (and yarn crawls and friends)? How wonderful. Yay for date nights!

  4. You hit three of my favorite shops! Hope you had a blast.

  5. sorry for your dilemma ridden weeks. and I need info immediately on Tuesday. Plz. Spring IS coming your way....all will be better then..!

  6. that's quite a list. hope you are feeling better and everything is OK!

  7. Hope you are feeling better Virginia, and I am so happy you had some awesome time too!