Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Finished Object: Madeline Shawl

Quick. Easy. Squishy. AWESOME.

I love the color. LOVE.

Pattern: Madeline Shawl (my rav link) from Vintage Modern Knits (amazon link)
Yarn: Fibre Company Organik in Atoll
Needle: US 10 - 6mm

 I put on lip gloss so that my lips would be extra pouty for you, Janey. :) And yeah, could my nose look any more broken? (I've broken it more times than I can count and have never had it fixed.)

Anyway, I do not want to take this shawlette off. LOVE, love love love it. LOVE.

And hey, on the plus side, my camera got the color right in the first two photos! Amazing. See, even my CAMERA likes this thing.


  1. Love the shawl! It looks cozy! The edging is really cute...

  2. This is a gorgeous little shawl! I'm pleased to say that I have the book. I love this blue color. How do you break your nose more than once?

  3. The scarf is beautiful, you are beautiful, and you knit with the speed of a rocket! :-)

  4. Bwahahahahahahahahahaha!!! oooooh-la-la, ms.V!!
    me likey!!! Love the neck deco too. Yu be one knittin' fool!!! woooooo-hooooo......
    and getting the correct color? All in the light, babee...........all in the light. now, you know why I've talked "light" so much in my conversations!!

  5. Your nose does not look broken!

    What a pretty shawlette. It looks like it has a waffle weave feeling and I LOVE waffle weave (waffles, too, but that's another story).

  6. Pretty! And such a great color, too, it looks lovely on you. If you have any tips on doing picot edging, please share - mine keeps coming out...funky.

  7. My first comment must be floating out in cyberspace somewhere...but your shawl turned out beautifully. I love the color. And you look beautiful too :)

  8. your shawl and your nose both look gorgeous!

  9. Pouty lips, glowey yarn...

    What is this, knitting porn?