Saturday, March 12, 2011

Ok, ok, FINE! I get it. Finally.

The Monkey, as it stands right this very second. (this picture was preceded by an incredibly amusing swearing and hopping session across the living room to where I left my camera. Yeah. Probably would have been smart to get the camera first.) Sorry about the crappy pix quality, but, I really just had to share.

Turning the heel and doing the gusset weren't too bad. It took about an hour to figure it out. I discovered that actually reading the directions helps. Go figure.

And yes, I sort of "get" socks now. Not in their entirety. But sort of. I still find them a little fiddly, less so than mittens. Additionally, I'm not really a fan of knitting at tight gauges, though the Monkeys are totally bearable. 

I just looked at the patterns in Knit. Sock. Love. and yes, Cookie A.'s patterns are art. They are breathtaking. And I will likely knit quite a few of her designs. Maybe even this year.


  1. Oh wow! Starting sock knitting with such a lovely pattern! :o) My daughter knit a couple pairs of Monkeys, and she liked them too. Can't wait to see more Cookie socks around here. :o)

  2. Wait till you've finished them and worn them.

    then you'll get socks. and knit more, and more and more.
    now that the heel is turned the sock will be be done in no time at all..

  3. Lol Virginia, that photo was nothing but luck :-) I was standing there, trying to make a shot out of a dull scenery, when she all by a sudden appeared. My finger reacted click,click,click and then she was gone. I had no idea she was comming in my direction :-) And out of nothing, the photo was not so dull anymore :-)
    Your sock(s) are lovely!! Pattern and color are so nice. I bet you will knit lots of socks in the future! :-)

  4. Yay for socks! The Money is looking great!

  5. Monkeys as a first sock project is impressive! If you can do that, you can knit any sock you want!

    A caution about Cookie's new book: Many of the patterns have been published elsewhere previously. Her first book, though, is wonderful!

  6. I've been knitting socks for a while and I own Sock Innovation but I'm still intimidated by Cookie's socks. Maybe this year I'll manage to get a pair knit. Kudos to you for tackling those!

  7. They look marvelous. Would have loved to see you hopping across the room. Be careful, knitted socks are apparently very addictive. Either that or my mother has gone insane with her knitting.

  8. Sooo impressed! Your socks are looking good. I'm trying to gather enough courage for socks, hoping I'll get there this year but OY that is a lot of DPN knitting. Scary. I salute your intrepid sock skills. :)