Sunday, September 26, 2010

The winners!

We went ice skating yesterday on Chelsea Piers (totally neglecting to get photos, of course). Georgia and Bruce did great, and had really quick learning curves. I took lessons as a kid, so it only took a couple of turns around the rink until I felt comfortable again.

However, the skating was an AWESOME workout and we were exhausted and distracted from things like give aways yesterday when we arrived home.

So, the winners are (highly scientifically chosen by writing names on paper and having Georgia picking them out of my hand):

Kael wins Pretty in Punk (I already have your address, so no worries about e-mailing me)

Tickleturtle wins Holiday Knits.

and Tone wins Home Knits.

Please Rav message me your home addresses (and I suppose, e-mails as well). Boy, I am going to blow the minds of the ladies at the post office when I mail something to Norway. That is going to be awesome.

And, so the post isn't picture-less, here are some awesome buildings across the street from Chelsea Piers (and next door to each other):


  1. What a fun day! Love the photos - I am going to go google Chelsea Piers!

  2. Going skating seems totally fitting to me, since I'm freezing my butt off today. My fingers are so cold, I can hardly type! I don't want to turn on the heat yet! I just turned OFF the A/C a couple of days ago!
    Congrats to the winners!

  3. sounds like fun. i've never gone skating there but would like to.

  4. Cool!

    Also, we're having a bit of a cold spur down here, too. It's 66F; time to put those chains on the tires ;-)

  5. Surprisingly un-achy. Way too much fun!

  6. Wow thank you!! I love to win, and I hardly never do :-) But Virginia, seriously, the shipping cost will be expensive, please think before you send! Beautiful shots from you as always, love the colors!