Monday, September 20, 2010

Finished Object and a Giveaway!

I finished the Braided Mischief Scarf for Bruce. It's really lovely and I wet blocked it yesterday. It is now taking forever to dry.

I used six skeins of Knitpicks Gloss DK, held double. Final measurements are 76 inches by six inches. The yarn is really lovely to knit with. It felt nice, it looks gorgeous, and amazingly enough the color of the yarn in my photo is pretty true to life. I'll let you know how it wears.

This scarf FLEW off the needles once I finally got the chance to sit down and knit on it. It took about three hours to finish a double skein, so in total, around nine hours of knitting.

My new project is September Circle (appropriately enough) in the Schoppel-Wolle Crazy Zauberball. I love this yarn, y'all. It's amazing. I will post a full review of it when I'm done. But I'll say, so far the color changes are as AWESOME as Noro and the yarn feels a whole heck of a lot nicer on the fingers.

Here's a picture from the Rav pattern page (photo courtesy of the designer, Melissa LaBarre
totally without her permission. She's awesome. You should check out her stuff):

And, finally, the giveaway. I have three knitting books here that I know I'm never going to use, and while they are pretty and fun to look at, it simply is not going to happen. So in the interest of paring down, I am giving them away.

Please leave me a comment with your choice of books (or all three, if you're so inclined) on this post by midnight (NYC time) Friday, September 24th. I'll choose a winner and let you all know on Saturday.


  1. Yes, I will ship internationally. No problem.

  2. How could you knit that scarf so fast? I'm hopeless with cables. It looks nice though. Your next project is lovely. I like Zauberball too. I have one crazy ZB in my stash somewhere. I've only knit with an early ZB in reds to make a shawl.
    The book suss cousins home knits looks interesting. Have never seen it before.

  3. Lovely scarf!

    I'd love to go in the draw for Holiday's getting in to the right season for thinking about that :)

  4. That scarf looks so snuggly! It really did go quickly! I have only used the gloss lace...I'll have to try the thicker versions sometime.

    On another note, I forgot to tell you I'd love an invite to the Hannah Fettig Rav group...bookishmomma, please. :)

  5. The scarf is going to feel wonderful once dry! The holiday knits book looks great- I need to get my ass in gear for christmas.

  6. The scarf looks great :-)

    Also, the Pretty in Punk book looks awesome, heheh. What can I say; I'm a child of the 80's.

  7. I can't believe you're getting rid of Pretty In Punk! I still remember when you first got it and we laughed about the cool designs.


  8. Lol Virginia, yes I have heard about rent prices in NYC :-) In that case I am very courious about "Home knits". And again - your scarf is wonderful, LOVE the color!