Thursday, September 9, 2010

Good news, bad news...

Good news:

I am on the last row of my Hap Blanket.

Bad news:

I ran out of yarn.

Good news:

I did some more exploring of Westchester Square, and found some cool buildings and a graveyard that looks like its attached church has abandoned it (photos below).

Bad news:

I had to go back to the effing uniform store for Georgia's school and spent 3.5 hours standing in line. It has got to be one of the worst stores in history. I got through the experience by pretending I was standing in line for rations behind the Iron Curtain.

A crypt from the churchyard:

A very old headstone (death date, 1775):

Across the street from the church is the Huntington Free Library:

I didn't have my camera on me today, so all these photos were taken with my phone. I downloaded a bunch of photos off of it today. There are some pretty cool shots, if I do say so myself:

This one looks almost like a water color (botanical gardens in May):

Amazingly tacky shoes. If I had a spare $500 I totally would have purchased these:

One of the only things I liked at the MoMA the last time I was there (July 4th):

And finally, somebody is holding faith healings at our local park (Poe Park, to be exact for Bronxites):

Incidentally, the bandstand in the photo above has a rich history. Famous folks such as Mae West once performed there. Also, it's called Poe Park for Edgar Allen Poe, whose house is currently at the north end of the park.


  1. Both my nieghborhoods featured!

    As a kid, i live directly across from Poe Park (my parents had the apartment--at 249 Kingsbridge that has the plaque about POE cottage being located there.. and later moved across the street to the park.)

    When i was a kid, there were regular programs all summer--classical music, big band music (and dancing) and square dancing (3 different things each week!)

    married, i lived on Zerega Ave (1 subway stop from Westchester square--and walked there almost daily!.. My Ex's family was related in some way to the Huntingtons--and his aunt was a family representative at a dedication to some plaque in the square.

    On Westchester Ave, half way between the two subway stops (Westerchest and Zerega stations)
    there is St Peters church--and directly across the street is Glebe Avenue (a glebe is a peice of land granted to a church (English law) for revenue.

    the alter of St Peters was donated by Queen Anne. the current church (building) dates from 1800 (1820 or so) but the church is very old(as a congragation)

    Just the other side of westchester square (by the HS that stradles the Bronx River Parkway, is the site of one GWashington's Ny "battles" (a stratigic retreet) and before the school was build, several revolutionary war remnants (buttons, shot, cannon balls) were found near by.

    the house we lived in (on Zerega) had a revolutionary foundation.. but the house was newer (the land was bought with a foundation--and a new house was build (1889)

  2. I'm so envious of your travels. I can't wait for you to show me Parkchester!