Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hannah Fettig Group on Rav

Also (see, I'm heckin tired), I keep forgetting to mention to the world at large that I want to start a Hannah Fettig group on Rav.

Please drop me a PM on Rav (I'm MissVirginia) or a comment here with your Rav name and I'll add you to the initial invite list.

I contacted Hannah to ask if she'd be cool with this, and she is. She sent me her logo to use on the Rav group, and has agreed to be a mod (if part time right now, because she's busy).

So that's all. We'll provide peer to peer pattern support with input from Hannah, and talk about how awesome her designs are and stuff. :)


  1. Interesting, this I have to check out :-)

  2. Should I be embarassed that I have not one clue as to what this is of which you speak?? Hoping it has to do with knitting...that gives me an excuse not to know about it...cuz we all know....I DON'T KN0W NUTHIN' BOUT BIRTHIN' NO, I mean...DON'T KNOW NUTHIN' BOUT NO KNITTN'!!!!

  3. Hi my dear!!
    You is very,very cute !!
    Thank you so much for your friendship.
    Kisses from Brasil.

  4. Send me your email to