Monday, July 18, 2011

The Sleeves That Never End

I am getting so bleeding tired of working on my stupid Breezy Cardigan, that I'm starting to really dislike knitting. The sleeves are going on and on and on and on... Anyway, all this means that it is time for another project.

While I am deciding on that, I will give you some photos that I took recently of my neighborhood, and at least one knitting related item. I know. Don't faint. There is actual knitting-related content in this post other than me whining about knitting endless stockinette sleeves in lace weight yarn on DPNS and being completely and utterly BORED.


The Lion Brand Studios store window. It's the tradtional tacky NYC tourist postcard (which I love) done up in knitted items!

The Triboro Bridge (now the RFK Bridge, I guess) at night, overlooking the Astoria Park pool.

Another shot, in B&W. Love the light pollution haze coming from Manhattan. You can really see it in the B&W.


  1. I feel for you Virginia, sleeves are NOT fun :-) My second Still Light tunic has become an UFO - only sleeves and pocket left... LOVE your photos! Great to see your new neighbourhood. B&W is beautiful I think, when I shoot in b&w I really consentrate and see light and shadows in a different way. Thank you for posting neighbourhood shots :-)

  2. Virginia, this is so surreal. Watching the news and trying to belive that this has happened to my country. The bomb man has also shot lots of youngsters at a political summercamp one hours drive from Oslo, after the bomb attack in Oslo. This is a mad, mad world.