Saturday, July 23, 2011

Seduce Shawlette

I finished up the Seduce Shawlette today and got some lovely photos of it (if I do say so myself).

The yarn is pretty awesome to work with, despite the fact that it is, technically, a novelty yarn. It looks really pretty knitted up, and looks great in this pattern. Additionally, it wasn't splitty, and the nylon wrapped construction really helped keep everything together. As far as the feel on the hands, it was a little rough at times, but that was mostly when I was knitting in 100 degree F (38C) heat.

Speaking of the heat, one thing that it is very good for, is blocking. When I blocked the shawl, I didn't even bother to wring out the excess water. I just pinned it and left it sitting out on our terrace in the afternoon for about 20 minutes. It dried superfast, which was particularly awesome, as it was near instant gratification for photos.

Here are the details:

Pattern: Seduce Shawlette (in-store pattern from a yarn store in Oregon, the TSpot)
Yarn: Berroco Seduce in Dreams
Needles: US6 - 4mm

My lovely model, Georgia, was exceedingly cranky about having her picture taken. I might try to convince her again, but I have no idea if it'll work.


  1. Beautiful! And the model is cute even when cranky.

  2. It's very pretty, the color-pattern combination is perfect. Georgia is soooo cute!

  3. It is a lovely shawl Virginia, and a lovely model! Now back to sleevs... :-)
    Wow that is hot! That is temperatur we have to travel to south of Europe to experience :-)

  4. That is very pretty! And your model is cute, even when she's not enjoying the photo shoot.

    BTW: You knit that up fast!

  5. It's lovely. The yarn contents sounds interesting. I like the color a lot! Lovely photo of G with the shawl.

  6. The shawl turned out great and your model did a wonderful job!

  7. That shawl is lovely! I think the color and pattern are a great match!

  8. Aw, but she looks so elegant!