Sunday, July 24, 2011

More pictures of Astoria

Last night Georgia and I went out on a little photo walk through Astoria park, and got some pictures of the two bridges and the East River.

The RFK Bridge (nee, Triboro):

I particularly like this shot:

The Hell's Gate Bridge:

And this shot is a favorite:

The Hell's Gate Bridge is particularly massive. Each of its trusses is huge, and they make the RFK bridge look almost delicate in comparison. In the second photo from the bottom, I wanted to show the scale of the bridge, with the light post in the frame for comparison.

The last photo is a favorite shot of Georgia's, as she says it looks like the bridge is cracking.

This shot, from Wikipedia, shows how close the two bridges are, RFK on the left and Hell's Gate on the right:


  1. Great shots Virginia! Lol it actually looks like the bridge is cracking, your daughter has eyes for photo :-) Looks for me that you have moved to a nice part of town, thank you so much for your tour.
    We are now going on a trip for a few days so me and my blog will be silent. Just so you know. We will spend some days of our last week of vacation in the Western part of Norway, and hopefully we will have some clear weather so I can bring home some photos :-)

  2. Love the photos - and your hell's gate bridge looks quite familiar - to our Harbour bridge!!

  3. Love the photos. Spending this last week in DC reminded me of how much I love cities. I can tell you why no one visits NYC: too darn expensive! I hear you can't get a hotel room for less than $300. That's a huge barrier for us modest Midwesterners!

  4. a small note--its Hell Gate (not Hell's gate) and find you way to Hallet Cove. Named for John Hallet, third husband to Margart Winthrop, Winthrop, Feeke, Hallet.
    Margart winthrop first married her first cousin , son of John Winthrop (gov of Mass bay colony) windowed, she married john feeke and had a few children before abandoning him (he went crazy) and taking up with John Hallet.

    Margaret was charge with witch craft, and a warrent for her arrest issued. She and John escaped to the NY (Dutch then) colony to escape arrest.

    Her daughter, Hannah Feeke married John bowne (he of Bowne House and the Flushing remonstranse, --the document that was the first legally guarenteed right to free religious freedom.

    I think bowne house is still not open to public but it worth the trip when it re-opens. the quaker meeting house in flushing is, too.

    when i was born, my parents lived steps from Hallets cove.. (3rd street)

    Hell gate is named for the tides/ eddies and whirlpools. Its a place where the north shore tides (LI sound)cross the ocean tides--(the east river is a tidal straight, really and not a river at all)
    then the tides are running, (changing) the water can move as fast as 40 knots-- Its a very difficult part of the harbor to navigate.

  5. these are incredible shots! i am jealous of your view over there in queens.