Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Cheating on my Breezy

Last night I finally got fed up with the neverending sleeves, so I wound up some Berroco Seduce (Colors) and started knitting on a shawl (my rav link) my mother fell in love with.

It's from a store pattern, and I'm a little weirded out by the shawl's cast on, and initial rows, but c'est la vie.My mom likes it, she got me the yarn and pattern, and I shall knit.

Here it is thus far:

The stitch pattern is really pretty, but again, I'm not thrilled about the beginning of the shawl. I might rewrite the pattern a wee bit to be a little more sensical. Then again, maybe it will block out.

Then again, again, I'm not sure that patterns that need extreme blocking in order to look somewhat normal are really something I'm thrilled about.

Anyway, it's a fun and pretty stitch pattern, and I'm enjoying the break from endless stockinette. All is well.


  1. Good to hear that all is well :-)
    The blocked out knit is not always like the photos in pattern, so if you feel for adjustments I think you maybe should do it... Anyway, lovely yarn and lovely shawl, and yay for not knitting stockinette in a while :-)

  2. I like those icy-bluish colors. Give it a chance, sometimes things turn out well even if we have serious doubts about them.

  3. I loved this color!!
    The pattern is beautiful.