Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Done moved.

We moved successfully from the Bronx to Astoria this past weekend. Amazingly enough, it was accomplished in a single day. And now we are exhausted and trying to reorganize a three bedroom apartment into a two bedroom apartment. However, the large balcony is nice, and I love our new hood. The neighbors are lovely and have introduced themselves, which is a rarity for us. In the Bronx we only knew about four of our neighbors.

Anyway, it's nice here. Georgia and I have been camping out on the balcony all morning because it's been sunny and warm.

I may actually get over my sleep deprivation sometime soon. Within the next few days, I hope.

And yes, I know exactly where all of my yarn, knitting books and needles are.



  1. Wow, moving in a single day, I would like to have that skill too. Wasn't the quantity of your stash yarn a surprise when you had to pack it up? I moved recently and I was devastated by it.

  2. Welcome to Queens! send me a PM--and you new address and location (local subway)

    You have nearby Astoria Pool--and I have a pool in my complex--(a bit of trip, a smaller pool but smaller is good (few people, easier to keep track of Georgia)

    Summer is a slow time for knitting groups--but there are 2 in LIC (astoria is part of LIC) one at Orenellas (1 block from the last stop of N TRAIN(el) and the Manducatis group (Vernon Blvd) near r, G 7 and other trains. the first is thurday night, the second tuesday.

  3. Congratulations on successfully moving! I can think of few things that I hate more than moving. It is so exhausting.

    I can't imagine how you are able to keep track of your knitting stuff in the midst of a move. You are definitely more organized than I am!

  4. you know where your yarn, something you LOVE, is but do you know where the toilet paper or mayonnaise is??!!!!!! heheheh.....

    Pictures, plz ma'am?!

  5. yay, moves can be so stressful, so glad that's over for you. hope you enjoy your big balcony--i'm jealous of that!

  6. congrats on a successful move!

  7. Ok, you HAVE moved :-)
    Sounds like great neighbours, I really hope you will enjoy living there.