Sunday, April 18, 2010

Spring Bonanza

We played hooky from household chores today and went to the botanical gardens to see the cherry blossoms.

The path leading to the cherry trees:

A teaser cherry tree along the path:

The Bronx River:

A Magnolia blossom:

The first view you see of the cherry trees:

Blossom bonanza:

Poetry in the children's garden:

(There is no more snow!)

The exit from the children's garden. It reads "I'll tell you the sun rose/ a ribbon at a time"

Happy spring everyone!

(yes, I am still knitting. Still working on the Villane. It still looks much the same as it did last time, except about 12 inches bigger.)


  1. I'll tell you how the sun rose is the first line (i am sure you know) of an emily dickinson poem--one of my favorites..
    I was out driving today (to Babylon!) and while there were no hanging gardens, every thing was lovely--especially the sky--bright blue.. and fluffy white clouds, that thickened to silver grey and then pewter and then lead--but no rain!

  2. Beautiful photos, looks like lot of fun! Oh that's what it is, the pink trees.. I have seen some in Flickr and wondered what kind of trees it was, they are soooo beautiful!

  3. I'm very jealous! It's just getting cold here, not that it will snow, but still...

    I really liked what you said on my blog about being able to trace the meat! It is so important to know where your food comes from. We buy everything from our local fruit shop which uses local meat, except the chickens because they don't have freerange... we have to go to the supermarket, and I wonder if they even are freerange...

  4. Wow- those are gorgeous Spring photos!

  5. That garden is just gorgeous. Lovely photos!

  6. This is one wonderful garden!
    I have one gif for you in my blog!
    I hope you like it is with great affection.
    Kisses dear!