Monday, April 12, 2010

Some things that are weird

I am seething with irritation and anger right now. Jaw clenched, teeth grinding, muscular tension all over the place.

What's weird? I have no idea why I'm reacting this strongly. I had a minorly irritating incident at work. My daughter is being exceedingly clingy and needy tonight. Things that I generally deal with quite well are today seeming like the worst and most horrible things in the whole entire world.

So. Prescription:

1. Mac & Cheese for the kiddo for dinner. I'll eat her leftovers.
2. Knitting.
3. Watching Dirty Jobs on Netflix instant. (thank you netflix instant)

Also weird? I've discovered that I'm sleeping with my hands curled up into little claws. I have no idea why. And my hands HURT in the morning. Probably related to stress.

I would post a picture of the Villane (which is going really well thus far), but the aforementioned daughter is running into the room screaming about the latest disaster of the minute.

Shall get to it soon. I promise (promising both me and y'all).


  1. Some days are like that.
    I'm pretty exhausted every evening now, with a very short fuse.
    You could wear braces on your hands during sleeping, that would keep them straight. I did that for a while, when my hands hurt.

  2. Only a couple more weeks to vacation...only a couple more weeks to vacation...repeat mantra as needed...

  3. Some days is just like that, and the only thing to cure it is to try to relax. Tomorrow will be a better day!

  4. Are you sleeping with your hands in knitting position? Maybe that means you're knitting too much! (Did I just commit knitting heresy?)

    Remember, deep breaths! You'll get through this. Just think of that awesome vacation coming up.

  5. I get like that sometimes, except I go into tooth-grinding mode and sometimes wake up biting myself, ow!