Thursday, April 1, 2010

Excuses, excuses

I've had to lay off knitting for the past couple of days because after I finished on sleeve on the February Lady, I discovered that knitting that quickly on tiny circulars really destroys my fingers.

So I've been reading and plotting future knitting projects.

Also been feeling remarkably craptacular with regards to my poor tummy over the past few days, which makes for a complete lack of desire to blog.

Yes, yes, I am going to the doctor. My appointment is on Monday.

Will come back with pix this weekend, I think.


  1. Hope you'll feel better soon!

  2. You see though, you have great excuses as to why you haven't been feeling like knitting. or blogging. Great room color choice! I am a little envious of your ability to paint your walls whatever color you choose! I hope your feeling better soon.

  3. And never was there a more anticipated visit to the doctor!