Monday, March 1, 2010

Still hangin on...

I'm slowly starting to come out of feeling compltely craptacular, so that's a major bonus. I have a doctor's appointment in April with a specialist so hopefully that will give me some answers about why I've been feeling so horrible (tummy-wise) so consistently for so long.

I haven't watched all of my Olympic events yet, and haven't seen the ceremonies, so as far as I'm concerned, they're still on. Which means that I can still work on my Ravelympics sweater and might be able to finish by the time I get around to watching the end.

The good news is that I've completed the body of Francis Revisted and about half a sleeve. I tried it on and it looks good. So I'm pretty excited to have a full sweater all for myself. And I really like the Cascade Eco Wool that I'm making it from. It's a little sheddy, but I'm hoping some of that goes away after I block it.

The bad news is that I'm nowhere near a camera and have no way to actually upload any sort of photo. Maybe I can do that later tonight.

The good news is that I have a bunch of men's sweater designs knocking around in my head that I'm pretty excited about.

The bad news is, I think the yarn/pattern match for Bruce's sweater is poor and it's stretching out horribly. Eesh. The ribbing at the cuff, bottom and collar is flattened and the sweater has lost all shape. I steamed it last night and that seemed to help, but overall I think I'm going to have to chalk that one up to a fail. Sigh.

I'll be back with pix. I promise.


  1. Sweater fail. Bummer. Glad to hear you're feeling some better tho.

  2. Glad you are feeling better! But I can not belive it - finally finishing the sweater for Bruce, and it turns out like that. That is not fair at all!