Thursday, March 11, 2010

Still fighting the good fight

I finished the Francis Revisted and it's lovely. Unfortunately, despite my best efforts, I finished it the DAY the weather started to get warmer. It's now in the 60s here - 15 degrees c - and far too warm for my lovely wooly sweater.

After that, I immediately jumped back into the Damson. Which is awesome, and I adore the pattern, but I swear that either I get stupider every time I try to knit it, or the pattern itself is just evil. I got all the way up to the lace section and discovered that I'd screwed up about 25 rows back.


I ripped back (by the way, Mal sock rips out beautifully and is fairly sticky so you won't loose too many stitches) and reknit. And got back to the lace section. I worked on the first row of it this morning and by the time I got to the middle section, I discovered that I was exactly 10 stitches off count. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUDGE. So I tinked, counted, was still 10 off, thus I screwed up in the garter stitch section, AGAIN.

I'm currently in the process of tinking back to the garter stitch section to see exactly where I screwed up. Unfortunately, 10 stitches off is a completely awful number of stitches to be off in this pattern, because it is not the sum of the stitches added for two rows (which would be 8)
I looked at all my yarn overs in the middle of the pattern and they are correct, and it doesn't look like I missed any at the edges, so I have no freakin clue where the hell I messed up.
That said, I might just fudge the pattern a wee bit going forward. It might help. With my sanity anyway.

ON the plus side, the orchid show at the nybg opened, and we went. It was gorgeous. Such a riot of color and scent, and so needed after a long tough winter.

Here are some shots I took with my phone. My friend Auffermann took some beautiful photos, but unfortunately those are on a different computer.

Unfortunately, my poor phone can't handle a lot of light, but here is a picture of the main room which is just floor to ceiling white orchids:

My little orchid, Georgia:

Another large room full of orchids:

I'm amazed my phone picked up the colors of this one:

Everybody's favorite orchid name:

And what the Golddigger Fuchs Mandarin look like:

And finally, one that is just really pretty:

I'm sorry for the long lags between posts. And for not reading anybody's blog right now. I've just felt a complete lack of interest in doing much of anything (except knitting) recently. It's probably due to my tummy issues. I have ok days and I have horrendous days, but I haven't felt GOOD for a while. I'm working on it.
I am knitting my little heart out and listening to Outlander. It's a fabulous book to knit along to. And since I only have Damson on the needles right now, I feel like it's the right time to start another project, no?
Have a good week. I'll be back when I'm back.


  1. Sorry to hear about the tummy problems. I know all too well about tummy problems and they are very frustrating.

    I thought of you while we were driving through New York. We were on 95 going through the Bronx and I totally saw the sign for the botanical gardens. I'm sad we didn't stop and see it now. It's gorgeous!

    Maybe there is a mistake in the Damson pattern? Is that a possibility?

  2. Love that fuch-ing Mandarin!

  3. Beautiful! I love orchids. It's one plant I'm afraid to try my hand at for fear I'd kill it. haha Love looking at them though. =) Wish I'd gone to the orchid show in Buffalo when I was there.

  4. YAY!!! You're back....been missin' ya. Big Time.
    Hope you find a solution to the belly stuff...I feel your pain. I'm having to have spinal injections on Tuesday for back problems. Ain't no fun. At All.
    Least we can cry in our "beer" together!! :)

  5. It sounds like Damson really is evil! It's trying to steal your sanity! Oh well, the finished product will be so beautiful that you wont even remember that the knitting was so taxing.