Saturday, March 13, 2010

It was a dark and stormy day

We're having one heck of a nor'easter today. We're getting extremely high winds, driving rain and it's friggen COLD. It's awful. We've broken out the candles in the event we lose power. Georgia and I haven't left the house today. Bruce went out only to the garbage area. It sounds like a freight train right now, and there is an extreme amount of water flying horizontally past my window. (ooh, there's some sort of warning siren happening... I don't know what that's about)

On the plus side, it's ideal knitting weather. I've been occupying the couch all day in my Francis Revisited (which is PERFECT for this kind of weather) and working on a new sweater. Oh, and drinking lots of coffee and tea.

The new sweater is a February Lady. Here's a picture from the designer - Pamela Wynne of Flint Knits:

It's a free pattern (thank you Pamela) based on an Elizabeth Zimmerman pattern for a baby. I'm going to make a matching one for Georgia, me thinks. Anyway, it's available on both Ravelry and off of Pamela Wynne's website should you have the yen to knit one.

Here's what I've done so far:

So in relation to the finished product above, I'm down to the second buttonhole and will probably reach the lace section by this evening (woot!).

I will give you a full report if I end up knitting by candlelight. That will feel rustic.

Oh, and I just found out that the siren is a flood warning siren for the Bronx river, which is just over yonder.

Yes, we are very uphill from the river. And on the third floor. I think we're safe. The trees blowing in the wind just outside our large bank of windows are a little more disturbing than the river.

I hope my blogging buddies in Maine are doing ok in this beastly storm.


  1. I think I just saw Maine flying past the window. Riding a bike and saying something about your little dog...

  2. Love this sweater - one day ...
    You drink coffee AND tea?

    We are having nasty weather too, not fun!

  3. Hope your storm is over, here we have lovely warm sun today - and the snow is melting slowly :-) I have knitted the February lady and it is sooo my favorite. Mine is almost worn out, and I need to make myself a new one :-)

  4. Helllllloooooo! Yes yes all is well in Maine. Just a bit drippy and not all that fun. Like you said, it's best to stay inside and just be crafty. Thank god I can keep myself occupied- or I'd go crazy staying at home all day!

  5. I love the sweater can wait to see more progress!! Enjoy your day in! Happy knitting