Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Brand New Day

A few trees came down in our neighborhood in the aftermath of Saturday's storm. It wasn't too bad, and seemed localized in our park.

Probably screwing up the schedules of the tranny hookers that troll that area, but otherwise, everything looks ok. The park is still really flooded and it has tons of old trees, so I'm going to stay out of there until things clear up.

Today I took a walk over to Battery Park City and knitted on my lunch break. Gorgeous day. 60 degrees F in the shade. I got too hot sitting in the sun with my cardigan on, which was a lovely feeling.

There was a family of loons floating in the river. It's hard to tell the difference between the trash and the loons in the photo below, but you can sort of spot them.

I haven't seen too many loons down this way, so it was kind of an event! Lots of folks taking pictures.

And of course, one shot of the sweater of great sexiness, February Lady. I've gotten a few repeats of the lace done, as you can see, and am averaging about one repeat every subway ride (45 minutes or thereabouts).

I got a few repeats done last night watching Princess & the Frog with Georgia. Not too many though, because the movie was so beautifully rendered. The art in it was just gorgeous. It's the first movie I've seen in a while that I was kind of upset about not getting to see it in the theater.

And I'm not ashamed to say, I cried like a baby at the end. (I won't say what part lest I spoil the movie for somebody)

(also, please don't faint if you know me well. Yes, "Ms. Cynic Lifetime Achievement" cried at a Disney Princess movie. Get over it.)

And finally, in Battery Park City, a field of crocuses:

We're finally getting a full-on spring!


  1. I get about 30-45 minutes of knitting done during my lunch hour. And I sometimes cry at Disney movies but rarely admit it ;-)

    As to the trees, the wind doesn't blow once in our neighborhood without knocking some limbs down somewhere. During big storms, we've had whole trees smash down across our streed. Not fun, but at least no one was injured.

  2. Looks wonderful with spring, here is still tons of snow :-) That is too pitty with those trees, I can imagine you had quite a storm. I googled the loon, and we have those here too - but I can't remember that I have seen any. Have to look closer next time I am by the seaside. And your February Lady looks great!

  3. Excuse me while I faint dead onto the floor..........only to wake up and chuckle because all along I've known what a softie you really are!!!!!!

  4. Glad to see you getting in touch with your inner frog!