Monday, March 22, 2010

Book Bonanza!

First things first though: The February Lady as it stands right this very second. Because I know y'all are DYING to know. Because I know these things. I can hear my tens of readers clamoring for news on this sweater. The desperation is tangible. Tangible I tell you.

So [waving hand in an elaborate manner whilst bowing] here it is, ladies and gentlemen (well, gentleman, if we're really being accurate here).

I am having absolutely no troubles with this sweater, and other than one very strange conversation on the subway while I was knitting it, nothing has happened. No mistakes, no ripping back nothing.

This sweater makes me feel like a knitting genius (unlike the Damson, which makes me feel like the knitting village idiot).

All righty, on to the book bonanza. I picked up Home Is Where the Wine Is by Laurie Perry. If you haven't read her blog, it is fabulous. And funny and touching and wonderful.

I started reading this book today on the subway platform and it has many things in its favor:

1. She's very funny.
2. It has really big print, so it can be read quickly and in low light.
3. Did I mention that she's funny?
4. And it's (peripherally, at least) about knitting.

No, I was not paid to write about her book. And I purchased it with my very own hard earned dollars (and if you knew my boss, you'd know just how hard earned those dollars really are) and a 30% off coupon from Borders.

Also, after I discovered this book (Fairie-ality Style by David Ellwand) at the New York Botanical Gardens, my lovely husband ordered it for me and it arrived today. It's really lovely, and a fabulous design source book. The photography is gorgeous and I love the colors. Ellwand really knocked this one out of the park. There are shots of furniture and clothing made from leaves, flowers, feathers, stones, shells and sticks. I like the furniture, but the dresses really got me going.

This is my favorite dress from the book:

Another spread that is super cool (I think this Georgia's favorite):

Colors that remind me of the Damson (Malabrigo sock in Primavera) that is currently giving me fits. I love these colors so much, and they don't suit me in the slightest. Argh.

Yes, that is Georgia in this shot. As soon as she saw the book, she was all over it. I think it reminds her of Tinkerbell (the movie). As much as I whole-heartedly dislike the first Tinkerbell movie, (though I do enjoy the second one) I really loved Disney's full realization of the world that the fairies live in. The details and the art are beautiful. So when we watch it, I mostly tune out the dialogue and just look at the pretty colors.


  1. You forgot to mention our endless discussions of the politics of Neverland! Where's the mention of the doomed aristocracy, the emerging technocracy, the entrenched elites of Neverland? My god, if it wasn't for the conversations, that effing movie would be unwatchable!

  2. Your jacket looks lovely! And what a beautiful book you have found, love the photos.