Monday, September 14, 2009

Outsmarted by Malabrigo AGAIN!

My dear husband begged me this weekend, after I finished my Liesl, to give up on Malabrigo for "the sake of our marriage."

But it's so fricken beautiful, and such a dream to knit with. It's the finished products that are the issue.

I finished my Liesl yesterday morning, and washed and blocked it. After what had happened with the last sweater I made from Mal growing so much, I decided to knit this one two sizes too small and let it grow, and hopefully that would solve the issue. No such luck. It only grew one size, thus making it too small for me. Ella now has a really nice sweater. I'll post a picture of her in it sometime soon.

In the meantime, here's the cursed thing blocking:

And I am making another Liesl, which I started this morning, out of Berrocco Vintage Wool in this color:

I just found out it is named Sloe Berry (I only have the color number on my tag. AWESOME name!), and I bought it at Webs, which I went to for the first time this past weekend.

In order to stay in the knitting game and not get totally bummed by my second Mal failure in a row, I decided just to jump straight back into knitting another Liesl, just because it's such a quick, easy, awesome pattern. And then I'll move on to more secret Christmas projects, socks, and Bruce's sweater. I just feel like I need something comforting, familiar and totally satisfying for this project so that I don't get completely dispirited.

Webs, OMG!

As for the weekend, I didn't get much knitting done, as I was busy driving all over God's creation, including to Northhampton, MA, to Webs! I had heard a ton about this store, and I was incredibly excited to be going there, as lots of folks have organized entire bus trips from NYC just to go.

It was worth it. This yarn store has EVERYTHING. Every brand, every color. It was pretty phenomenal. Ok, well, not every brand, as they didn't have a lot of Garn Studio stuff (and I love their yarns), but I don't think very many actual stores in the US sell their yarns. Maybe just Seaport Yarns near my work place.

I was completely overwhelmed, but not to the point where I couldn't buy anything. I picked up the Vintage Wool for my new Liesl, and some Malabrigo (I KNOW! It's a problem) Sock yarn to make the Damson shawl by Ysolda. At least I won't be having any fit issues with the Damson.


  1. Oh no!

    Now - tell me - did you wet block the Liesl? Stretch and pin it? Try again, doesn't look pinned to me. Totally soak it, lay it out flat on something you can pin into - spare bed, spare sofa, foam board etc, and stretch and pin to the desired dimensions. Give it a blast a the least.

    The other thing is, are you making swatches to test gauge? Wash and block them afterwards - knitting takes too long to just guess!

  2. I did wash and block a swatch, and saw that it grew, and downsized accordingly.

    I don't think that the sweater will block out if I pin it. Stupid thing. It's just too darned small.

    Looks awesome on my sister in law, though.

  3. Gutted. All that work! Not that SIL's are lovely,'s Malabrigo!!

  4. This is why I'm afraid of sweaters. The whole issue of fit is so complicated! I need to take a page from your book and forge ahead. However, I don't think I'll try to use Malabrigo for a sweater!