Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Knitting Disasters 101

This has been a very productive week and a half at work. However, this has been an absolutely disastrous week and a half for knitting.

Knitting Disaster No. 1:

My poor Liesl #2. Sigh. I'm not sure I can even bring myself to talk about this one. But here goes. I finished the body. It is beautiful. It would have fit me perfectly. It probably does fit me perfectly. It is some of the best knitting I have done thus far. Absolutely perfect, even, gauged, gorgeous.


After I finished the body, I went to work on the first sleeve. And discovered that my stitch holder had come undone and the sleeve had unraveled up into the yoke area. I am not a skilled enough knitter to pull dropped stitches through a lace pattern.

Knitting Disaster No. 2:

I started on a relatively simple project (garter stitch) for somebody for Christmas. I cast on, worked about six inches of the project, and discovered that I'd completely screwed up the pattern. Ugh.

So I tore it all out. Cast on again. Got about six inches in, and discovered that at about the two inch mark, I had dropped a stitch. In garter stitch. Which at this point, I could pretty much do in my sleep.

I tore back to the two inch mark and started again.

This time I got to about eight inches, and was at the very end of a row when I discovered that there was a knot in my yarn. So I tinked a row back, screwed up the tinking, and ended up ripping a few rows back to cover up where the tinking was. Then I cut out the stupid knot and reknitted.

And that's where I am today. Trying not to 1. Screw up again, or 2. Tear out my hair.

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  1. oh ms. not tear your hair out!
    and do not pout.
    You'll find ... in due time...
    that your skills, when you don't take the pills..
    will earn your pride and you'll take it in stride
    that you are a pro knitter and you can tell all about it on twitter!!!!!!!! bwahahahahaha...