Sunday, October 23, 2011

Two WIPs

I finished the first Tide Pooling sock about five minutes ago. I don't want to take it off, but I suppose I must:

I used the pattern Simply Splendid Socks from Lucy Neatby's book Cool Socks Warm Feet: Six Exceptional Sock Patterns for Printed Yarns.

I figured it would be a good idea to learn the basics now that I've knitted a few pairs of socks, and using a simple pattern also seemed like a good idea for this busy busy yarn. I love the blue spiral stripe. The yarn is Socks That Rock Medium Weight in Tide Pooling. And I love the way that Neatby did the heel, with the slip stitch. It made the heel super squishy.

However, I have learned that I need a slightly smaller heel than she calls for in her socks. She says to make the heel as long as it is wide, which is about a half inch too long for me. Other than that, I didn't really learn anything new from this one, although my sock knitting skills have definitely improved.

I'm also working on a Herbivore shawl in madelinetosh Pashmina. The colorway is Fjord. I decided against making the Ode to the Bay pattern, as the lace wasn't really meshing well with my head. It is also the first release of the patterns, and there were definitely some minor errors in it, which annoyed me. I may wait until she releases an update before attempting it again.

I had originally tried to knit the Herbivore almost two years ago, and it was completely beyond my abilities at the time. I couldn't get past the two set up rows. Now, I've realized that the problem was I couldn't figure out how to make a yarn over between a knit and a purl stitch, and that is why my counts were so far off from the designer's.

Anyway, I'm breezing through the Herbivore now, and I'm pretty darned happy with my level of GAAK (Growth As A Knitter, and thank you Rose Red for the concept.) over the past two years. My twisted stitches also look LOADS better this time around with the Herbivore, as compared to the last time. I think the pattern may have made me cry in frustration the last time around, before I chucked it and knitted up a Simple Things shawlette instead.

I may eventually finish the three outstanding pairs of mittens that I have going, but I just really... I don't know. I have a block against knitting them. I've only finished one pair so far, and honestly I just find them dull. Not sure why.


  1. Nice socks!
    Your post made me wonder about projects that I failed to do properly or do at all because they were above my abilities at the time. This is why I love to knit; the constant possibility to progress and achieve new goals, knowing that I always can learn more and became a better knitter makes me feel good.

  2. Nice sock. I always have to do mods with sock patterns, that's just the way it is. Most of them are just too loose/big. Love your finished one though. And your Herbivore will be gorgeous! That yarn looks amazing.

  3. How good that you can see (feel?) your growth as a knitter! I love the look of the herbivore!
    And soon you will be writing your own sock patterns!

  4. Gorgeous projects Virginia! I love the colors of your sock!

  5. hey the sock looks great. it's nice to see your growth as a knitter. i don't think i can say the same for myself these days :)

  6. Great socks, I too like how the blue turnes out. Colors of fall, beautiful! Cool colorway in Fjord, ice cold winter fjord at its best. GAAK - interesting, never heard the term. Me too have mittens on my needles. For a long time. Soon to be a year actually. One is finished, one is not started on. Oh well, winter is just around the corner, maybe I will freeze so much that I have to finish the last one...

  7. GAAK is a pretty cool concept! I'm proud of mine as well, though I cringe a little bit when I think of the Christmas gifts I gave out the first year I was learning how to knit. At least I can make up for it now with much nicer things!;)

    Those socks are lovely! Normally I'm not into crazy looking yarns but I do like the how the blue spirals around the foot.

  8. From that angle, the herbivore looks like a knitted bra.

    On some levels, that is probably a good idea, but I could see it going terribly, terribly wrong.