Saturday, October 22, 2011

Jeg lærer norsk.

Look what I picked up at the thrift store today:

Given my Norwegian friend Leonora's and my translation issues, I couldn't resist picking it up when I saw it.

(for instance, me attempting to translate English knitting instructions into, well, English this weekend for her. Also, Google translate caused some hilarity when I originally discovered her website and it very incorrectly translated her profile.)

Now all I need to do is get her a dictionary of American idiom and we'd be good to go.


Next post: Actual knitting content.


  1. Så herlig Virginia! Ja, for nå regner jeg med at jeg kan kommentere her på norsk i fremtiden :-) Skjerfet er snart ferdig takket være deg og forklaringen din, og skjerfet blir jo til takket være deg og din gavmildhet. Det kommer en pakke til deg i fremtiden også, det tar bare litt tid. Dette er nok en bok du vil ha nytte av, det er litt vanskelig å klare seg på norgesbesøk hvis man bare kjenner til de norske ordene øl og strikking... Oversettelsen av dette får du klare selv - jeg sier bare cool!

  2. I knew google translater would have problems, that was the whole idea :-) Ok, I will help :-)
    That is so cool Virginia!
    Cause now I think that every comment I make in the future can be done in Norwegian :-) The scarf is soon to be finished thanks to your help, the fact is that I get to knit this scarf only due to your generosity. There will be a parcel on it's way to you too, not posted yet, have to figure out what to send first. This book I am sure will be useful, knowing that you will visit some day. To know only the words beer and knitting can be a bit tricky... Translation is on you - I just say cool!
    But in fact you will be ok with English. Everyone knows the language here, and most are much better in speaking/writing than me :-)
    Love to follow your study in my language! :-)