Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Rhinebeck Purchases and WIPs

I've got a few Works-in-Progress (WIPs) going right now:

Snapdragon Flip Tops

Simply Splendid Socks

Eternity Scarf (ok, this one is actually a Finished Object)

I also bought some yarn at Rhinebeck:

Briar Rose Fibers in Angel Face - 2500 yards of lace weight alpaca

Briar Rose Fibers in Abundance - 750 yards of worsted weight Corridale

Periwinkle Sheep worsted in Oxblood Lily, Truffle and Suede

I have no idea what I'm going to do with the laceweight, but it sure is pretty. And soft.

The pink worsted weight is for a sweater for Georgia. This one, as a matter of fact:

Photo Courtesy of Elinor Brown

It's called the Grow Like a Weed Jacket and it is a pretty sweet pattern. Plus, steeking! I haven't done that before.

And the three colors of worsted weight will become a shawl of some sort. Probably one of Jared Flood's worsted weight shawls.

I actually have one more WIP going, which is the Ode to the Bay Shawl by Liz Abinate, but it is too small and crumply to really look like anything right now. So eventually I'll post a pic.


  1. Love the Snap Dragons. Those are in my queue.

  2. Very lovely purchases...look forward to seeing Georgia's pink sweater!

    Love those mitts, the color is awesome.

  3. Lovely projects and lovely yarn! The jacket for Georgia is georgious, wow steeking - I have never done that, and don't know if I will ever dare - good luck!!