Monday, April 25, 2011

Somebunny in Texas Wuvs Me!

The exceedingly awesome Kael read all about my whining regarding knitting socks (prior to actually knitting some, and probably my whining during the knitting process) and made me a pair.

Well, to tell the truth she's technically made me two pair, but she gave the first pair to somebody who is VASTLY more deserving than I, a friend of hers who got quite ill. Which is really really awesome of her.  For the second pair of socks she asked me what color I might like, and I said the louder the better. You know, speak softly, wear loud socks. Or something like that.

So she made these:

FREAKIN AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They came in the mail today. I am happily wearing some truly amazing socks on my feet. They fit perfectly, by the way. :)

She also sent me this book, due to my whining about having to knit a second sock:

Because, as I mentioned, she is amazing. AMAZING, I tell you. Thank you, Kael, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

It's truly amazing how everytime I manage to have a really crappy week and feel completely overwhelmed and horrible, I get these amazing little packages from knitters that really brighten things up.

I think maybe I have a wee bit of a karmic debt at the moment. Best get knitting. :)


  1. bwahahahahahahahahaha!!! LOVE those socks! is dr. suess in the house?? Too cute!!

  2. heheh I'm glad you like them (and that they fit) :-)

  3. Okay, I fwew up when I read the title. Weally, V, you weally, weally had to go there?

  4. The louder the socks the better -- and those are screaming! If your socks aren't loud, how will they ever draw the praise they deserve!

  5. Fabulous gift!!! Nothing beats a pair of loud, or wild and funky handknit socks :)

  6. Those are lovely Virginia, lovely lovely colors in those socks! Lucky you!

  7. What an amazing gift! Love those colors- you wanted loud? I think you got just what you asked for!

  8. No calendar shot yet this month, in the weekend I think :-) I have saved a special one, it is soooo pretty :-))))

  9. We are doing it ourself, and I REALLY hate that job :-) And we are changing color from blue to light grey, god knows how many coats we need...