Friday, April 22, 2011

Arr... I am a yarn pirate.

And I've captured me some Australian booty.

Miss Fee posted about some really AWESOME Folca boxes that she picked up in her hometown in Australia, and I commented back with utmost lust. So she said she'd pick me up some. Because she is AMAZING. So I offered to send her some stuff back in exchange, and it turned into something a bit more than just Folca boxes and coil-less safety pin stitch markers. We are knitters. Knitters are a little bit insane wonderful.

First off are the stamps. Georgia and I had a moment in the Post Office where we were squealing over the really cool stamps, and that I got a package from Australia (it's a first for me!) and all of a sudden we'd gathered a small crowd of people who were all exclaiming about the stamps and the general coolness of getting a package from Australia. One person said "That's a real motherf$#!ing platypus, yo." Yup. Gotta love the Bronx.

Platypus stamp is on the far right.

Miss Fee also sent me some yarn:

Fibreworks Laceweight. Sooooooo pretty. And about 100 yards!

Ms. Gusset Sock Yarn (proudly grown, spun and dyed in Australia!)

Knitabulous Sock Yarn in the Impossiblue colorway.

Patons Sock Yarn. I think maybe Miss Fee is trying to tell me something?

A kookaburra postcard. Georgia has claimed it.

And lastly, the Folca boxes. These are so awesome. I was completely right in lusting after them. Also, when I pulled them out Georgia said "can I have them?" and I wasall "HECK NO" and she said "Ok, I'll just wait until you die." Um. Thanks. Always nice to have your five-year-old wishing for your imminent death so that she can get her hands on your jewelry collection and your Folca boxes.

Stitch marker organization, HERE I COME! I'm so excited. These boxes are so flippin cool.

Thank you, Miss Fee. 


  1. that is so cool - perhaps Georgia needs her very own folca?

    I didn't mean for you to just knit socks - but saw all of your scarves and cowls and thought of those.....
    Happy FLOCA!!!!

  2. What a lovely package! I've never hear, nor seen folca bags. They are especially made for stitch markers?
    Has by any chance my handspun yarn made it to you yet?

  3. So cool - lovely yarn and boxes, wow you are a lucky girl! Georgia is a bright girl, now you handle the boxes with care :-)

  4. i love the guy's exclamation about the platypus. funny!