Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Lame. And Then Some.

Sorry for not posting.

Life. (somewhat overwhelmingly). Got in the way. Again.

Anyway, I finished Bruce's socks, as I know you all were dying to hear about them. They are nice. Used a different toe on the second sock and it is much less square. No, I will not be ripping out the first toe.

I'm currently in the middle of knitting approximately 50 billion flowers for Ella's wedding. I have 22 done.


And, Ella also requested the new Jared Flood shawl, which is gorgeous. So I will be casting on for that.

The shawl:

Rock Island

Ella's will be in bright red. Then, honestly, she is probably off my knitting list for the rest of the year as she ended up with the Vine Loop cowl that I will not wear.

I may be absent from the blog again for a bit. We'll see.

Doesn't mean that I don't love you.


  1. Yes, life gets in the way of plans. Hope less so, (or pleasantly so) in the future.

  2. It do that inbetween Virginia. Take care of yourself my friend!

  3. Life does have a tendency to be overwhelming at times but, I'm sure you know, it will pass. Best of luck getting all those flowers done.

  4. This IS an awfully gorgeous shawl! IT will be stunning in bright red!

  5. The things? They do tend to happens. We love you right back though!

  6. Totally love the socks. You need to post pics!