Friday, April 29, 2011

Feeling terribly terribly British today for some reason

And in honor of that feeling (for whatever reasons it may have arisen, ahem), and also because I'm somewhat too sick to think clearly at the moment, I present you all with the following:

A new form of hiphop called ChapHop:

And Jersey Shore done in the Style of Oscar Wilde (thank you, Tom, for the heads up, old chap):


  1. Chaphop - looooooove it!

    I love Armstrong and Miller's 'airmen' too - reminds me of that!

    Ali x

  2. Whole Europe is going insane over a wedding :-) Hope you feel better soon - take care!

  3. Bwahahahahahahahaha........once again, you've found something to crack my ass UP!!!!
    wha up with you, girl?? write me and tell me what's going on with you....plz ma'am!!

  4. hi virginia--thanks for your sweet comment about willow over at my blog...and for your lovely offer to help out if we need it. so nice of you!