Monday, July 19, 2010


I used my birthday money at a 40% off sale (a LYS is going out of business).

17 skeins of Mirasol Sulka, 60% merino, 20% alpaca, 20% silk, and at least 20% awesome. Which adds up to 120%, but this yarn is so sexy that the math totally makes sense.

Look at the halo on this sucker:

Big sexy pile of yarn:

Georgia, as usual, got into the act:

I'm thinking about making this:

(owls (rav link) by kate davies, photo courtesy of the designer via Ravelry)

or this:

(buttony sweater (rav link) by Katie Marcus)

In other news, almost done with other sleeve for the Villane, so should start the shoulders this week!

In other other news, started swatching for Ella's wedding dress. It's going to be beautiful. Also, it really helps when you read the instructions. Also also also, I think the yarn that the designer specified wasn't really worsted (it's now discontinued, so no way for me to check) and the crochet hook she specified is more suited to sock yarn than to worsted yarn (I've tried both).

I've been crocheting for a really really really long time, and picking it up again has been easy and weird. Because I'm so utterly knitting oriented now, crocheting just feels...strange.

Anyway, the crocheting goes quickly, and I don't think its going to take that long to make the dress. A few months. I'm planning on doing a couple of motifs a day, and that should be plenty.


  1. i have both of those sweaters in my queue! i love owls - hope to make one for myself sometime before fall (yeah, right....)

    love your blog (i clicked over from implausable yarn!)

  2. share the love with fellow new yorkers...which LYS is going down??? :)

    i tried to learn to crochet recently and it was a disaster! i'm going to keep trying though. good luck with the wedding dress, can't wait to see it.

  3. Oh what a lovely yarn Virginia - I totally vote for the owls :-) And much too late, but I was not online so I did not know, sorry, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!! Hope you had a wonderful day with lots of cake :-)

  4. I absolutely love the button sweater and that color would just be perfect!

  5. Totally digging the one with buttons. You should definitely do it!

  6. don't know nuthin' bout the yarn but I DO love that 'yarngasm' term!! Heh.