Thursday, July 1, 2010

Hot hot heat and other small problems

The news for now:

  1. My hands are being attacked by eczema right now which is making them itchy and uncomfortable and I don't really want anything touching them including, but not limited to: air, water, fur, children, and yarn. This makes knitting difficult. Actually it makes everything difficult except for whining about how much my hands are bugging me, which is really rather easy. Especially when my hands are bugging me this much. Did I mention that my hands are bugging me? They are. If you didn't get that already.
  2. Due to the circumstances described in item number 1, I have not been knitting. At all.
  3. It has been really really hot. It was not hot yesterday and today, and that has been a blessing, but I am expecting it to happen again, because this is summer. I hear it gets hot then.
  4. I am nearly at 200 posts.
  5. I am also nearly at my first blogiversary, which I believe is July 14th.
  6. July 15th is my birthday. Presents of yarn and hand knitted items are encouraged. :)
  7. July 15th and July 17th are my wedding anniversaries. (yes, I get to have two. I'll explain later. Cats are involved.)
  8. July 20th is my father's birthday (may he rest in peace), my favorite neighborhood panhandler/homeless guy's birthday (Happy Birthday Davey!) and something else happened on that day... oh yeah, moon landing!
  9. The writing for a living thing is going very well. Except when it's not, and that's mostly due to the fact that some days it is like pulling teeth to get a sentence out. Today, fortunately, is not one of those days, but yesterday was. Ugh.
  10. I am my cat's bitch. She is very demanding, and I, weak of will, have been giving in. Yesterday she demanded a nest under the desk where I am working. I made her one. Today she didn't like the nest under the desk and demanded it on top of the desk. I moved it. Also, she does not like to touch bare skin (she thinks it's gross), cold marble or tape. And she does not like air conditioning, because she says it interferes with her singing voice.
  11. I have another novel knocking around in my head right now. It feels good. I'm happy about it. It's way too soon to talk about it in detail, and I'm not quite sure what it is yet, but I will update sporadically.
Did I mention that my hands itch?

Anyway, when I get back to knitting, I'll actually write about knitting again. One of these days. My hands itch. Feh.


  1. I am exhausted just reading all you have going on right now. Hope your hands are better soon.

  2. Another thing that happened on July 20th? My daddy was born as well as my middle son!

  3. Hey, we share the same birthday!

  4. eep! Sorry about your hands. Your cat sounds just hilarious. I would say that she and Sophie should have a playdate, but then they both couldn't be the center of attention at the same time.